Bartley Lodge Hotel Wedding Photographs

Bartley Lodge Hotel Wedding Photographs

A set of Bartley Lodge Hotel wedding photographs, a slice of a spectacularly happy day all ready to be shared and enjoyed. A long awaited and highly anticipated day at Bartley Lodge in June this year.

We met Georgie and Paul last year at a wedding fair and immediately fell into easy chatter with them. We have to admit, the conversational ice breaker was their four year old daughter, Chloe. She was the image of our youngest daughter at that age and we were captivated by meeting our daughters doppelgänger!

Fast forward 9 months and straight to the fact that Chloe almost stole the show on the wedding day. Charming and perfectly behaved which is a lot to ask when a four year old is basically living her most perfect day, like the princess in a fairytale.

Go ahead and scroll through this set of Bartley Lodge Hotel wedding photographs and I defy you to not be able to spot the stars of the show.

A Bartley Lodge Hotel Wedding Day

The building is immaculate and the grounds were faultlessly tended to. A perfectly beautiful backdrop for photographs and a great choice of wedding venue for this special day.

The Wedding Weekend of the Year

The first weekend in June is the most traditional and most popular wedding weekend in England. It is known to be the typical British wedding date. Well, it didn’t disappoint and the skies were blue and the weather was beautifully British. An English summers day awaited.

Children at Weddings

This summer has been particularly noted so far for some really captivating younger members of the wedding parties. Chloe, however, just raised the bar. Her excitement was palpable. She was fit to burst. Complete heaven for a 4  year old, just look at her face, words are surplus to requirements.

Bridal Preparations

Lovely Georgie, she smiled almost as much as Chloe. The atmosphere in the room at Bartley Lodge was electric. So happy. 

Final Touches

Time ticks on and the appointed hour arrives. “Finally” says Chloe! “There is only so long a girl can wait don’t you know”

Paul and his best man waited downstairs in the Bartley Lodge Hotel, everything was ready.

The Wedding Ceremony

Their faces simply say it all. Wedding vows were exchanged in front of friends and family. What a very happy occasion to witness.

Perfect Timing

The crowd awaits. An orderly assemblance if ever there was one. Two neat rows, choose a side and prepare for the confetti.

Wedding Reception Bonus

We book weddings in England and eagerly inspect the gardens and terraces but know deep down that the inside of the venue is probably going to be where the majority of the celebration will take place. English weather has knocked the edges of us all and we expect nothing. Big “However” here though. Georgie and Pauls wedding day at Bartley Lodge was blessed with clear skies and gave them the opportunity to be outside and stay there.

Children at Weddings

Take one large cup of children and add a generous amount of open space. Decorate with some large, mature trees and stir…… Let them run around and let off steam. Do not for one moment mention best clothes or new shoes. Nothing matters on a day like this one.

Group Shots

Did someone say group shots. Well there is one rule for the adults and plenty of rules to bend for the younger folk. 

The Wedding Breakfast

Breathtakingly splendid. What a set up. Time to welcome the newly weds and get the speeches box ticked and then fill those hungry tummies and enjoy the selected company. Time to relax.

Portrait Shoot for the Newly Weds

With such perfect grounds and ideal light things just lined up and equalled perfection with these two. So comfortable together and at ease with me around we captured some lovely Bartley Lodge Hotel wedding photographs before returning to the party.

Final Things

Throwing the bouquet, always very competitive and fiercely contentious. The ladies start by acting like they don’t mind if they do or don’t but by the final outcome it is evident that they really clearly do.

The First Dance

Lovely and traditional, perfectly executed. Then there was the childrens version and this was their final time to shine today. Shine they did, glowing and beaming.

A completely happy, joyful, romantic celebration of which I was so pleased to witness. So much thought and so many facets which came together perfectly.

I photograph a lot of weddings at this New Forest venue, not all of t hem have been catalogued on the website though. Here is one other set of Bartley Lodge wedding photographs