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  • Wedding Photography in Dorset

  • Wedding Photography in Dorset A wedding day in August this year offered me the opportunity to revisit two of my favourite locations for wedding photography. I do mostly cover wedding photography in Dorset and it has to be said that both of these places guaran[...]
  • How to Outshine the Bride on her Wedding Day

  • How to Outshine the Bride on her Wedding Day How to outshine the bride on her wedding day. Basically, be under the age of 2 and preferably related to the central figure of the day. Cute child alert. When you are about to get married, this is your moment to[...]
  • Unique Locations for a Wedding in Dorset

  • Choosing a Description for a Wedding I tried to give this blog post a title, it was nigh on impossible. How can I sum up a day which covered so many unique locations for a wedding in Dorset.  The day began in a stylish hotel went onward through to a family ho[...]
  • Rhinefield House Hotel Outdoor Wedding: J&B

  • Rhinefield House Hotel Wedding Photographs Rhinefield House Hotel outdoor wedding? Well yes, but this being England it was a brave thing to hope for. In this country we usually battle through our summer months stoically. Forever hopeful that the weather will [...]