Booking a Last Minute Wedding Photographer: The Old Vicarage

Last Minute Wedding Photography at The Old Vicarage Hinton

Booking a last minute wedding photographer isn’t always the best idea. Forward planning is probably best advised in and amongst the stresses of arranging a wedding. However, emergencies do happen as do impromptu events and hence, so do last minute wedding bookings.

999, urgent, emergency, call it what you will, this wedding was very, very much booked at the last minute. To be precise, it was booked within the very few last minutes left until the wedding ceremony, about 75 to be precise!

Looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer

Kerry and Andrew realised quite late in the day that their wedding photographer hadn’t made an appearance. He had been due to arrive about two hours ahead of their wedding ceremony at The Old Vicarage Hinton.

Perhaps he was outside photographing the venue and the details in the marquee they thought as they clocked the time. Perhaps not. Perhaps, after a few more minutes someone had ought to go and have a look around for someone resembling a wedding photographer loitering in the grounds of the Old Vicarage.

After a little searching, a few questions and an exchange of a few “But I thought he was with you” type of statements things culminated in a slightly frantic phone call to him and it became apparent that he wasn’t coming.

Finding a Reliable Wedding Photographer

Cue blank faces, open mouths, rising panic and the impeding possibility that this very important occasion was not going to be captured on anything much more than some iPhones.

However, the ever efficient Old Vicarage wedding venue snapped into action looking for a professional wedding photographer to fill those empty boots and I received the phone call. Booking a last minute wedding photographer wasn’t going to wrong foot a well run wedding venue such as this!

“Are you by any chance free for a wedding Leslie?”

“Yes, when, do you have a date for me and I will check my diary?”

“Eh, well, like NOW!”

Booking a Last Minute Wedding Photographer

So action stations. My camera bag was ready as I had just finished another shoot and I simply jumped in the car and got there with 20 minutes to spare.

There was, needless to say, a very warm welcome for me when I arrived in Hinton. I met the groom, Andrew in the gardens. He was in one of those post adrenaline rush moods. Least I can say he was also very pleased to see me. Kerry did miss out on her bridal preparation shots but we caught up a little later in the day with some photos inside.

She met me downstairs in the main reception area at The Old Vicarage as everyone waited for her in the ceremony area outside. She was so calm, not a single sign of any stress. Her happy demure and impending marriage overrode any possible glimmers of negative feelings. They were both beaming, nothing, including a potential and  severe lack of wedding photos was going to rattle them. Their happiness drowned out everything.

A wonderful couple, so calm and also very photogenic! A brilliant and efficient wedding venue and all in all a great success. I really enjoyed the experience, averting a crisis as part of a team of professionals and feeling a little like a superhero for a moment or two. My slice of adventure for the wedding season.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

When you choose and hire a professional wedding photographer you are getting so much more than just the photos. You are getting the advantage of their experience, training, ability and professionalism. They have the correct equipment, are calm and knowledgable and able to cope with any unforeseen circumstances and time frames. So even at (incredibly) short notice, by booking a last minute photographer, when you hire a professional then you will have complete faith and total confidence in them and their professional abilities.

They will create an air of calm around them and not stir any pots of potential stress, they will create and exude calm and confidence which is positively contagious. In this case and in any case, I am trained and experienced enough to be able to cope with many eventualities and act at a moments notice, literally moments!


Venue: The Old Vicarage Hinton

Florist: Arcade Flowers

Magician: Dominic Reyes

Accessories and Decorations: Fundoo Weddings