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  • The Old Vicarage Wedding Photos: Jess and Kenni

  • Getting Married at The Old Vicarage Hinton The Old Vicarage wedding photos are on the blog today for you to scroll through and enjoy. Just a snippet of Jess and Kenni's special day last month held in it's entirety at this lovely Christchurch wedding venue. T[...]
  • Dorset Wedding Photography: Studland Bay House

  • Dorset Wedding Photography: Studland Bay House Unquestionably one of the most beautiful and iconic locations in Dorset. Sat peacefully at the bottom of the endless gardens at Studland Bay House at the end of a long and exciting day, the bride and groom take a[...]
  • Evening Wedding Photography: Kings Arms Hotel

  • Evening Wedding Photography Evening wedding photography is scheduled as the the quiet time, the lull in the day. That time in the long, exciting wedding day in which to draw breath. Time to escape from the wedding circus for a few minutes and breath, take a s[...]