Dorset Wedding Photography: Studland Bay House

Dorset Wedding Photography: Studland Bay House

Dorset Wedding Photography: Studland Bay House is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and iconic locations locally. A grand old house set on the cliffs in the Isle of Purbeck nestled just outside Studland Village.

The couple sit peacefully in the endless gardens at Studland Bay House at the end of an exciting day . The bride and groom take a quiet moment to look out on the view.  Old Harrys Rocks are on the horizon and they sit and reflect on their momentous wedding day.

Dorset Wedding Photography: Studland Bay House

Evening Wedding Photographs at Studland Bay

Invest some time and a little thought into scheduling your evening wedding photographs and you will be pleased you did with hindsight.

A couple of well timed slots in and amongst the busy day pays dividends. It gives a little time for solitude, a few quite moments together and reflection back on the days events.

In a beautiful location it has the added advantage of capturing the scenery, the time and place. Thought and planning has gone into the location of your wedding so the location should be recorded as a memory of the wedding day.

Your Wedding Photography Plans

Every wedding I witness is different and individual. Every location, even ones I visit regularly offers different things to different people. The light, the times, the weather and the party gathered there make a location as individual to everyone every single time.

If you would like to get in touch to talk through your wedding photography plans then contact me. Particularly if those plans are for Studland Bay House . Do not hesitate to phone or email to arrange to drop by and meet me and chat further, I would love to hear from you.