Evening Wedding Photography: Kings Arms Hotel

Evening Wedding Photography

Evening wedding photography is scheduled as the the quiet time, the lull in the day. That time in the long, exciting wedding day in which to draw breath. Time to escape from the wedding circus for a few minutes and breath, take a stroll and for me, to record the day photographically.

Investing time, thought and a little planning into your wedding photography has been spoken about at length before. I repeat, you won’t regret scheduling some down time into the day for a moment. Not only does it pay you back several fold with memorable evocative images but it gives you that time together within the time frame of the day.

Nick and Judith’s Wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel

Take a look at this image from Nick and Judith’s wedding at the weekend. I like their expressions they are feeling at peace, contented, calm and are very comfortable together. I sought out the location near the Kings Hotel it looks remote and secluded. The stone backdrop gives more detail to the photograph, adding depth and texture thereby by adding to the story.


Taking Photographs in the Early Evening Light

This is early evening, the golden hour for photography. The weather was good, the light was still perfect and I used creative lighting in addition to this natural light to enhance the image. Time well spent, a timeless image to record a momentous day with two young, charming people.

Your Wedding Photography Plans

Finally if you are planning a wedding and would like to talk further about your plans please do get in touch. A large gallery containing wedding photos from Kings Hotel Christchurch can be found here. I am a recommended wedding photographer for both Kings Arms Hotel and Christchurch Harbour Hotel and have lots of lovely testimonials from previous clients from each venue..