How to Outshine the Bride on her Wedding Day

How to Outshine the Bride on her Wedding Day

How to outshine the bride on her wedding day. Basically, be under the age of 2 and preferably related to the central figure of the day.

Cute child alert. When you are about to get married, this is your moment to be the centre of attention, that’s a fact. You’re the bride and it’s your day. Then along trots a little bundle of energy and effortlessly threatens to derail all those carefully laid ideas.

Outshining the bride on her wedding day is the faux pas of the century. One well known guideline is not to dress in white as a guest or the other suggestion is not to be too cute. Enter Scarlett, aged 2, a miniature of her parents and just as charming. She didn’t have to do anything very much to command attention and her skills in front of the camera are evident to see.

Scarlet knew, even though she didn’t know that she knew, how to outshine the her mum on her wedding day.

She did a beautiful job of it and nobody minded one bit.

Getting Married at The Captains Club Christchurch

The wedding day of Nikki and Darren kicked off in one of the Captains Clubs luxurious suites overlooking the River in Christchurch. The bridal party busied themselves during the morning preparations. Our bride, Nikki was calm and the room was busy, Scarlett was kept occupied and everything scurried along on schedule.

Darren met them at the alter in the main Hotel.

One small hitch, Scarlett knew that she was being palmed off on relatives for the duration of the wedding ceremony and thought it a much better idea to stick with Mum and Dad. Nobody minded and it made the wedding ceremony  all the more memorable.

Wedding Reception Drinks and Music

Drinks on the terrace serenaded , if that is the right word, by a Ragtime Band, loud and energetic. Guests socialising and mingling in the crazy, unpredictable, unreliable English weather.

Wedding breakfast and speeches and through to cake cutting. Followed by a small slice of time to go outside the Hotel for a few photographs and then back to enjoy the dancing. Rounding off the day perfectly.



The Captains Club Wedding Teams Time to Shine

The day was immaculately run by the team at the Captains Club, as usual. Beautiful surroundings, perfect backdrops and great food. Music, family, cute kids and a beautiful bride. All adds up to a perfect day.

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Suppliers chosen by Nikki and Darren:

Venue: Captains Club Hotel

Hairdresser: Elite Hairdressing

Florist: Parkwood Florist

Music: James Ennett Ragtime Band