How to Photograph Different Weddings in the Same Place

How to Photograph Different Weddings in the Same Place

How to photograph different weddings in the same place and keep producing new images? Big Question and a very important one!

Firstly, I don’t trundle my newly married couple around and repeat a preset set of locations and poses on a regular basis. Every wedding is different and each couple completely unique with a different set of requirements. I look at every building and backdrop, every time with new eyes. Every location from a new angle. Each time I visit, in this case, The Kings Arms Hotel, I enjoy the challenge of a fresh day.

How do I Photograph Different Weddings in the Same Place

I know that each of my couples want a set of unique wedding images. So I know how to photograph different weddings in the same place and keep things fresh and new. I often return to the same venue but I always approach each wedding day with new eyes. My familiarity with the location is a huge advantage. I know where to go, all the quiet tucked away spots and all about the light on different days of the year. But I never allow things to become stale.

Same place, more than certainly, doesn’t mean same wedding photos for each couple.

Wedding Images from Kings Arms Christchurch

Couples have chosen the Kings Arms because it is so pretty. The pavilion and bowling green are a perfect backdrop not only for the wedding ceremony and reception but they are surrounded by a large choice of lovely scenery. The Priory ruins, the pavilion itself, the wide open spaces of the green and the Christchurch bandstand and River is just a tones throw away.

So even if I were to book a wedding there every week all summer I can absolutely guarantee that every set of wedding images would be different while still encapsulating the venue and all its beautiful backdrops and locations.

How do I photograph each wedding uniquely

I watch and wait, I observe and I avoid causing a stir. I let my couple relax into their day and then I really get the very best from them photographically. They have full confidence in not only my abilities and knowledge but in the fact that they will look great in front of the camera. I guarantee to you that the vast majority of my couples profess to hate life in front of the lens, they tell me how it will be impossible to get a good photos of them and how camera shy they are. I never consider this to be true, everyone with the right support, direction and encouragement will blossom in front of my camera

This is all part and parcel of being a professional wedding photographer and producing a good set of wedding images for them. Listening, watching, planning, researching, being recommended and having an in-depth knowledge of all the places we can go on the wedding day to present to them the images they expect and deserve. I keep things fresh and new, unique and personal every single time.

This set of Wedding Images from Kings Arms

These wedding images are from The Kings Arms Christchurch, the summer wedding of Leanne and Chris.

We are recommended wedding photographers for the Kings Arms and so consequently we shoot several weddings there every year. Never the same twice. Different day, different eyes.

Leanne and Chris’ day, just the way they envisaged it. Every angle covered, every combination of people and a set of wedding photos especially for them.

“It was such a great day and I was so pleased we had Leslie as our photographer as he was amazing!” Box ticked and a double happy couple.

Finding a Wedding Photographer for your Wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel

We will be at the Kings Arms Hotel on their Wedding Open Day. They run several every year at regular times. These events are well worth a visit and give couples a chance visit and talk through their wedding photography plans.  A full list of future dates can be found here.

Come by and see us or get in touch to talk further and arrange to meet up and talk through your wedding photography plans. We can’t wait to hear from you.

For now, enjoy this snapshot of their special day.

How to Photograph Different Weddings in the Same Place