Italian Villa Wedding Photos: Mrs + Mrs Richardson

Wedding Forecasts and Clear Skies

Lets get the weather conversation out of the way first shall we and then get on and enjoy this set of Italian Villa wedding photos.

Shelly and Sam’s wedding day delivered beautiful clear skies. A touch of the Mediterranean came to Dorset that day. With an Italian Villa wedding booked, it seemed very apt. From my perspective, perfect light, gentle, bright and consistent.

Now, the day kicks off with a visit to my bride and her bridal party in Hamworthy. A thorough check of those Poole Twin Sails Lifting Bridge lifting opening times and off I go.

Wispy skies over Hamworthy Park

With only those beautiful vintage beach huts to interrupt the view. Shelly and her family had hired a gem of a holiday house rental in Hamworthy for the weekend of their wedding. Things were going well already.

The Bridal Huddle

I entered the Bridal Building and was immediately enveloped in the gloriously traditional hustle and bustle of the early part of the day. Curlers, brushes, powders and polishes spilling out from every corner and from every flat surface.

Beautiful Bride-to-Be Shelly was rightly enjoying the well deserved attention. Calm and tranquil amongst the hubbub.

Time for the Dress

The house was modern, slick and tidy, I liked the lines and light in the patio garden so I stole the dress and we headed outside for a few quiet moments together.

About Blooming Time

and then like clockwork the goodies started to arrive. Boxes of glorious English flowers. Bridesmaids hand-tied bunches and the bridal bouquet along with the wedding corsages. A feast for the eyes, courtesy of Hillview Flowers. Quintessentially English blooms and seasonal, I spied a few early peonies in there. Blooming lovely.

Time Ticks Onward

The queue for hair and makeup was efficiently executed, endless but well managed and perfectly scheduled. Things were taking shape nicely.

Bridal Observations

Deep in thought, gentlemen observe the perplexing world of preparations, time for a beer and a ponder ahead of the proceedings cranking up a gear any moment.

Treasure Possessions and Precious Records of Time

When I attend a wedding I meet the people, join the dots and watch the friends and relations enclosed in a bubble of anticipation and excitement. I see the gifts exchanged and the thought and work that goes into these special slices of time. I especially love the scrap books and memory books that get made, hours of work covering years of friendships, the most treasured of possessions.

Get Some Air

Let the kids outside, give them some space, the wait is long. Even they are transfixed by that view. Enjoying the distraction of these glorious views from the top deck of their family house in Hamworthy Avenue on the Northern shores of Poole Harbour. Views that extend out over Green Island and over to Brownsea in the distance. This is why we live here, again and again I remind myself of that.

Our Beautiful Bride

Then there she is, Shelley, relaxed and excited. Outisde to join the others in the light of day, a glimpse of our lovely bride, just before the dress goes on.

The First Reveal

Under the watchful eye of the young ones. Shelly looked picture perfect ready to greet firstly her father and then her step father for the first reveal. Double layered emotion as both gentlemen get to set eyes on their girl for the first time on her wedding day.

Love and Pride

Happiness brings teary eyes and chests full of pride, everything all mixed up and bundled up together. I love this moment, it will be remembered with or without a photograph, but with a photograph is better. The peak of feelings, everyone is there, everything is done and everything is ready.

Finishing Flourishes

Just one last finishing touch, the headpiece. Positioning the veil, the crowning glory.

A drive that involved the wretched time busting, schedule breaking bridge again, we won the battle of timings, so no diversion around the harbour.

Then the journey, time with Dad. Off we go, ready to proceed onward and away. His beautiful girl is off.

Italian Villa Wedding Photos

Crowds gather, not clouds. Thats a good thing. Soon to be rallied upstairs to await the wedding ceremony but for now a short bask in the sunshine in the gardens of The Italian Villa, Compton Acres. Peel the guests away from the scenery and send them inside to sit down, Shelly is coming, get into position for the Big Event.

It’s a Waiting Game

A shady moment for our Groom Sam and his best man. Drinking it in.

Then the groomsmen tasked with the finishing touches, the corsages.

Team Work

Then to watch the groomsmen unravelling the perplexities of the board of pinned wedding corsages. There is a science to it you know, male, female, left right, upright and facing down. Concentrate Lads, you can do it.

Make Way for the Bride

Indoors and upstairs they all go to make space for the arrival of the Bride and her bridesmaids. Final touches, final tweaks time.

There’s a Nip in the Air

Who thought of that, they thought of everything. Steady those nerves and calm those quivers.

Peak of Feelings and First Peak of the Bride

Our groom Sam catches sight of them all, daughter Ruby first followed by his bride Shelley hot on her heels. Let’s get this ball rolling. It’s time to get ourselves married.

People Watching People

I love watching people watching people, it is the highlight of my job as a wedding photographer.

Cats who got the cream, happy faces and young Ruby is enjoying it all as much as anyone, if not more!

Wedded Bliss

Ceremony done and all the registrar now has to do is find someone responsible to look after the paperwork from here on in. This is when the choice of groomsmen is all important, don’t send that suit to the dry cleaners next week without checking the pockets or there will be words!

Just married

No just about it, they are married good and proper. Time to circulate and celebrate.

Group Shots in The Italian Villa Gardens

The Italian Villa has the formal Italian Gardens immediately outside, you don’t have to go far for those group shots. Stay in amongst the party and not miss a moment. Assemble on the lawn, reflect for a moment together.

Group shots, all formations and nothing like a proper entrance to steal the show. Literally there in a hop, skip and a jump. We can rely on the youngens to add a bit of action to the proceedings.

Here Come the Girls

Now, gather the girls and don’t stop still.

Circulate and Celebrate

Meet and greet, hugs and kisses, smiles and giggles. Nice times.

Generations of Wedding Memories

Gorgeous Girl Ruby, the star of the show, so patient and impeccably behaved. Captivated by occasion and everyone equally captivated by her, especially Mum.

Then those Gardens

Lets talk about those gardens at the Italian Villa. Compton Acres. Those Italian Gardens, endless acres of perfection and blooming glory.

Timing of the Wedding Day Portrait Shoot

This was a quiet escape just before the wedding breakfast around 3.45pm and the light was perfect. The gardens are immaculate and the azaleas and rhododendrons were at their peak. Vibrant colours and lush greens. Lots of places to sit and look making for such a huge array of backdrops and locations in and around.

Perfect Light

Bridges, tunnels, gates, ponds, water, reflections, stepping stones and then the Japanese Garden to finish off our quick tour before sitting down to eat. Perfect light, completely perfect timing for the light.

When a Picture says a Thousand Words

Then there was Ruby, she was a gem, a complete delight. Just look how she feels right now that Mum and Dad have returned.

Lets go. back to the party all gathered in the garden.

Cheeky Chaps

These statues always throw up the most predictable comments and poses, but why not! All the times I have photographed weddings at The Italian Villa and the hundreds, if not thousands, yes thousands, of Italian Villa wedding photos I have taken over the years, these two stone clad chaps always make the cut.

Groom Bumps

I think this was planned all along, not sure how much knowledge Sam had about this but it was a case of “right listen to me, grab him” and he was dutifully thrown in a, mostly dignified, assortment of directions by his friends, at least they were all friends beforehand.

Wrong way up, don’t drop him just give him a shake up.

123, catch!

Let the Feasting Begin

Guests take their seats for the wedding breakfast.

Timely Speeches

Speeches before the meal, thats the best idea anyone had all day. So much more relaxing for those who have to stand up and speak and actually added to that, it is generally more relaxing for those who have to listen. In this case, poor Sam listening with trepidation to the words of his Best Man.

Oh Crumbs! There will be Tears

How many of us feel like Ruby peaking over the edge of the table when the cake is cut? Her face says it all.

Another Slice of Time

Another slice of time before the cake and coffee is served we have an ideal opportunity and we nip up to the top deck to catch the early evening light.

Coffee and cake and while nobody is even aware of me stealing the happy couple we sneak outside the door again to immerse ourselves in the surroundings and yet more perfect light.

First Dance

In a dark, windowless and atmospheric room some skill is needed to create the atmosphere on camera and record correctly what is actually being seen.

Light Up my Life

An apt way to round off the day, sparkle and shine and that is exactly what they did do all day… sparkle and shine.

Congratulations Shelley and Sam.

Suppliers within these Italian Villa wedding photos:

Wedding Dress Supplier: Sofi Designs

Hair and Make Up: Kayleigh Knox and Carla Parry

Florist: Hill View Florist

Wedding Cake Supplier: Crumb Factory

Location: The Italian Villa Poole

Italian Villa Wedding Photos: BH13 Photography