Rhinefield House Hotel Outdoor Wedding: J&B

Rhinefield House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Rhinefield House Hotel outdoor wedding? Well yes, but this being England it was a brave thing to hope for. In this country we usually battle through our summer months stoically. Forever hopeful that the weather will either turn or hold. Either way we are a nation preoccupied with our weather conditions. On the whole, we get a few morsels of decent weather each year, a couple of crumbs of sunshine intersperse with the usual mild spells.

Couples planning their wedding realise that the one thing they can’t control is the weather. They become expert meteorologists and fanatical weather forecast watchers. Still, it is out of their hands.

However, John and Banu thought differently, it would be July, it would be Dorset and so it would be ok. They had a certainty about them and that positivity paid off. Their beautiful wedding day was booked and planned with nothing but a determined optimism for fair weather. They were right, it was fine and fair, sunny spells and mostly glorious open skies, not too hot and not too cold.

Rhinefield House Hotel Outdoor Wedding

So many of the elements of their wedding day were planned for the outdoors that being inside just wouldn’t have cut the mustard. Firstly and most importantly, the wedding ceremony was a Rhinefield House Hotel Outdoor Wedding ceremony in the gardens of the Hotel. Then there was an avalanche special touches and details comprising of ice creams, outdoor games, bagpipes, a marching band, music and drinks on the terrace of Rhinefield House. Into the evening and there was a belly dancer, another feast of food and the wedding day culminated with fireworks outside and the obligatory sparklers.

The day ran like clockwork. A splendid wedding breakfast in the banqueting Hall of Rhinefield House serenaded by a string quartet and officiated by a toast master. Speeches, food, friends and all the usual ingredients made for a fabulous occasion. A Rhinefield House Hotel outdoor wedding with all the trimmings that will be remembered for a long time.

Getting Married at Rhinefield House and Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Venue: Rhinefield House Hotel

Chair Covers: Cath at Classic Chair Covers

Florist: Corbins

hair and Makeup: Rags hair Design and Elena Rusakova

Bagpipes: Ringwood Pipe Band

Toastmaster: Mike Judd