The Kings Hotel Christchurch Wedding Photography: Mr + Mrs Phelps

The Kings Hotel Christchurch Wedding Photography

We had had weeks of rain, relentless rain. We know from experience both personal and professional that we all become obsessed weather watchers as a wedding day approaches.

Ourselves, we married in September several years ago. A beautiful long, hot summer that was followed by a series of damp Saturdays which preceded our own wedding day. Consequently we didn’t feel too cheated when the drizzle drizzled down on our day. Sunshine would have been a bonus, but the weather was nothing if not consistent.

However, for Laura and Ross it was the polar opposite. The weeks of rain that fell during the early Spring months had lowered their expectations and so, it was beyond imaginable that the clouds would part and the sun would shine. But shine it did. Wall to wall blue skies. From when they walked down the aisle and drank fizz afterwards on the pavilion lawns through to the early evening.

kings arms hotel pavilion wedding

Let the Day Begin

Laura gathered her hens together in the bridal suite at The Kings overlooking the bowling green. The Kings Arms with its immaculate flower beds bursting with colour, primroses, tulips and hyacinths. Actually is there such a thing as flower bed envy, if so, I had an acute episode of it.

But flowers aside and eyes on the bride now.

Laura and her Hens

The room was a pleasant, happy and chaotic mess. As bridal suites are renowned to be, it was full of energy and buzzing with life. Interspersed with moments of tranquility and glimpses of the thoughts flitting across Lauras face. I’d say the word contentment encapsulated the feeling in the room. Happy and peaceful contentment.

Hair and Make Up: Check

Everything ran like clockwork, minute by minute scheduling. Then each and every bridesmaid checked their own and rechecked each others make up and then double checked. The beauty standards were high. Box ticked. Team bride and one very beautiful collection of fine looking people gathered together in one place.

Priority to the Bride

Laura was the absolute centre of all the activity. Just noise of the gentle whir of the bridal machine filled the air, well organised, on time and ecstatically joyful.

It should be referred to as the Bridal Hub.

Wedding Dress Sparkle

Dresses on at the last possible moment. What would life be like without some sparkles.

Quiet Space

Whilst the room bustles on somebody small and significant takes a quiet few minutes. This clever little chap got the best seat in the house. It was all too much for this little lad.

Check it Out

The morning of the wedding can feel so long. Everyone is up at the crack of dawn and because everything has been thought of and planned to perfection in advance sometimes there is nothing much left to do except hair and make up and waiting. So Laura took full advantage of the lull in proceedings and undertook a room inspection. Unspotted she went along through the Hotel to the reception room set up and ready for the wedding breakfast to relish all the arrangements and planning.

Flowers hadn’t arrived just yet but a dry run of sitting in the seat never did anyone any harm. Live and relive.

Boys Boys Boys

Meanwhile back in the main Hotel, the Groom, Ross and his entourage gathered. Looking smart and snazzy or shall we say, well groomed.

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Taking time to photograph not just the all important bride but the part she doesn’t see. Those hours preceding the wedding ceremony when her groom and his wedding party are ready and waiting.

The men sometimes need a little encouragement to assemble and pose for photos. I like to keep it casual and relaxed with a little guidance and I soon have them in the palm of my hand. This is Ross, his brothers, his dad, his step father in law and a couple of friends. A very handsome and photogenic ensemble.

Let’s hear it for the Boys. Every handsome and smart detail recorded for posterity.

The Home Stait

Then returning to see Lauras final preparations in her room. She emulates calm and is a picture of complete serenity. 

Entourage Assemble

Excitement mounts as the entourage assembles. Two respective sisters, two best friends and two cousins. Is there such a thing as a symmetrical wedding party…..

Then there was One

A few moments before Laura leaves the room to reflect on the hours that lie in wait and immerse her thoughts for a minute in the here and now.

And She’s Off

The bride has left the building. The poignant long awaited departure from the embraces of the Kings Hotel and out into the open air. A perfect stroll over to the pavilion where the wedding party awaits, Ross is reaching fever pitch and the next part of the day can truly begin.

Away and into the Foray

Laura took the short journey over to the wedding ceremony, across the lawns, chaperoned by her mum and bridesmaids in the bright sunshine, through the Castle ruins and into the foray. 

Take your Seats

Guests assemble and the audience awaits.

Line Up Line Up

The tension mounts and the nerves jitter and anticipation is palpable. Ross waits patiently.

Picture Perfect

Then all of a sudden there she is in all her glorious glory. Looking a picture of perfection.

Take Hold of her Hand and Never Let Go

Now and forever more. From this day forward. Hold on tight.

Sneaky Group Shot; Box Ticked

Group shots take all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are taken throughout the day not necessarily all lined up in a row. Opportunities like this, when the register is being signed, is a perfect example of gathering some of the bridal party together neatly.

As the register is signed and the legalities seen to it is an opportunity to gather together and execute one or two of those group shots as well as the more casual ones as the correct selection of people are in the correct place all together.

Just Married

Then a swift turn on their heel and the newly weds exit the building. Let the moment dawn. They are married. Mrs and Mrs Phelps

Meet Greet and Mingle

Time to relax and enjoy those special people you invited to witness your day. Relish the attention and lap up the messages of congratulations and good will. Happy days.

Group Shots

Assemble for the group shots. Group shots don’t need to be too old school, they can be the formal bit and are important but they can take many shapes.

Group shots offer an opportunity to gather people together. It is important with different parts of different families gathered in one place to take advantage and record the groups.

Throwing the Bouquet, or not.

Lauras bouquet was precious and had sentimental value with great significance to her so she didn’t want to throw it. Instead they threw the garter and what a scrummage it caused.

Just because they could….

For the want of anything else to throw they then threw the bride and groom up in the air. Can be a little undignified if photographed incorrectly, I am sure you can imagine! Well, I think these shots look quite flattering considering whats happening.

Revealing the Wedding Breakfast Set up and Decoration

Tick tock, time moves on and tummies rumble. Time to ring the dinner bell and head off to tuck into the long awaited wedding breakfast. Time to relish all the work and thought that had gone into the most minute details of the room decoration . The room looked breathtaking. A sight to behold.

Welcome to Our Wedding. The Grand Entrance

One thing to relish is if you are going to be the last to the table and keep everyone waiting, then make sure you make a grand entrance and make it worthwhile.

Socialise and Circulate

Time to chat and relax, circulate and enjoy. Drink up these moments, all the most important people gathered together in one place.

The Top Table

Relax, eat and speeches….

A Sobering Thought

Don’t relax to fast, stay alert for the speeches. Speeches, the nemesis if you have to make one and the highlight if you don’t. Enjoy.

Room for Everyone and the Groom

Mother of the groom and her boys, feel her pride. 

The Wedding Lulls

Every wedding wants to avoid or preferably fill ‘the lull’. Well, I embrace any potential lulls and schedule a little escape with the newly weds. We nipped off and took a few portrait photos in Bridal Suite and then in and around the grounds of the Kings Arms.

The Golden Hour

The light was perfect. It seemed greedy to ask for more perfection on such a day when they had been so blessed by the elements. But the gift just kept on giving.

Wedding Photos at The Kings Arms Hotel

Christchurch is like a rich tapestry of backdrops and stunning locations and buildings, we managed to take a route around almost all of them and all within a stones throw of their venue, so just minutes away. Nobody missed them and they didn’t miss anything either. Worth the time and planning. This is why everyone loves idea of The Kings Arms wedding photography, images galore, abundant opportunities to capture those portrait shots not a stones throw from the main building.

Riverside and Home

and onward to the riverside to finish

The First Dance and the Party

Then sweeping back into the venue to take centre stage and dance.

My job here is done

I leave them to see the day through to the very wee small hours.

Congratulations to a wonderful young couple embarking on their new life together. Mr + Mrs Phelps.

The Suppliers

Venue and Wedding Planner: Samantha @ The Kings Arms Hotel

Hair and makeup: Friend of the Bride

Florist: Simply Flower

Chair Covers: Beautifully Seated

Wedding Cake: Crumb Factory

The Boring Bit


In other words; the copyright of these photos belongs to the photographer. They are the royalty free property of our couple. In order to protect them and the provenience of the photos and to prevent the photos inadvertently being used commercially without consent then we politely request that you contact us directly for watermarked copies. So, long story short, please don’t right click and download without permission. This was a wedding not a photoshoot. Just ask and then we can keep track of things. Thanks in advance.