Wedding Photographs at Lulworth Castle: Katie and Dan

Wedding Speeches and How to Impress your Guests

Wedding Photographs at Lulworth Castle are here in all their glory. Photographs matter but one of the main factors on a wedding day that sends shivers of nerves and anticipation through the main wedding party, alongside having their picture taken, is speeches. Speeches by the groom, the father of the bride and then the highly pressurised best mans speech. Will they laugh, will they stumble, will they stammer or will it go down in living memory as the funniest speech ever heard.

Well, cancel all adults speeches and just get a young man under the age of 10 to speak and everyone else pales into insignificance. Katie and Dan’s young son stood up on a chair after the adults had all taken their turn and he reduced the room to a tearful wobbly mess! He blew everyone else efforts out of the water and will go down in history as the bravest and cutest wedding speaker of all time.

Wedding Photographs at Lulworth Castle

Katie married Dan at St Andrews Church on the Lulworth Estate in July, picture perfect for a set of wedding photographs at Lulworth Castle.  A perfect, relaxed and contentedly happy day surrounded by their nearest and dearest and swaddled by their families old and young. Celebrations ambled over to the Castle and drinks took place in the grounds. Their wedding breakfast was set up in the main hall of Lulworth Castle and such a stunning backdrop can not be matched. Onward the day rolled, beautiful location, fabulous food, great company, selfie sticks, suits of armour, chocolate cake, babies and big boys standing on chairs and making their mum cry, what a day!

It was like a rollercoaster of emotions all day from start to finish, excitement, anticipation, tears of laughter, tears of joy, contentment and a certain someones speech to top it all off.

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Wedding Suppliers at Lulworth Castle

Their wedding suppliers were well selected. The Castle at Lulworth is a truly English backdrop for a wedding and very well run. Katie and her bridal party were pampered and prepared for the day by the exceptional team that is Caroline and Elke at Amazing Face Hair and Make up, talented ladies who are the best in the business. Katie was taken to church in her cousins vintage car and the bridal party followed on in everyones favourite mode of wedding transport, the VW camper supplied and driven by Dorset Dubhire. We love those cars and Jason and Catherine are our favourite transport suppliers for weddings, immaculate cars and immaculate service. Flowers extraordinaire by the Poole based florist New Street Flowers, just beautiful every last bloom.

Hair and Make up: Caroline and Elke from Amazing Face

Florist: New Street Florist

Transport: Catherine and Jason VW Dorset Dubhire

Venue: Lulworth Castle Lulworth Estate Weddings

Wedding Photographs at Lulworth Castle: BH13 Photography