Wedding Photography in Dorset

Wedding Photography in Dorset

A wedding day in August this year offered me the opportunity to revisit two of my favourite locations for wedding photography. I do mostly cover wedding photography in Dorset and it has to be said that both of these places guarantee one thing for me and that is knowing I will have a good day in two equally lovely locations.

Adam and Kay’s wedding day encompassed Highcliffe Castle and The Christchurch Harbour Hotel and I was to photograph their wedding in it’s entirety, from beginning to end. Kicking off proceedings in Christchurch  with the bride and her bridesmaids and family.

wedding photography in Dorset wedding photography in Dorset

Getting Ready Wedding Photos

One of the Dads kept busy decorating the famous swing on the lawns of the Hotel and then also extended his talents to the cute beach hut bar on the terrace. Whatever those small personal touches are, they are great if you can mange them and a bit of hand decoration quietens the nerves undoubtedly. I hasten to add that it keeps a Dad busy while the hustle and bustle of the brides entourage bubbles away upstairs!

Full Day Wedding Photography

We literally zig zagged between the two places. Both Adam and Kay were at the Hotel in the morning. Kay upstairs with her bridesmaids and Adam and his entourage on a different floor until it was time for them to leave separately and make their way over to the Castle for their wedding ceremony.

Wedding Photographs from Highcliffe Castle

Highcliffe Castle wedding photography time, a beautiful and immaculate backdrop for wedding photographs and an excellently run ceremony location. Every corner and every angle is perfect and the views and vistas are endless from my perspective.

Timings and Locations for your Wedding

Emotional wedding ceremony complete and still time of those group shots and a stroll on the beach. Adam and Kay left their wedding party to travel on ahead of them taking time out for their wedding photos on the beach and then timed their arrival back at Christchurch Harbour perfectly.

All their guests had made themselves at home and made for a perfect welcoming reception when the two centrepieces of the day turned up. Drinks and canapes done dodging the clouds and then inside for the wedding breakfast

Whatever the Weather Let’s get Married

Adam and Kay were blessed with the very best timed British weather. Keeping us on our toes all day, threatening skies and tiny drops of rain and an hour or two of well timed sunshine at just the right moments. A total triumph weather wise.

A Perfect Wedding Day

What a day. What a perfect day spent with a lovely family, all extended and joined together now and I had the privilege of photographing it coupled with great company and beautiful locations.

Thank you both and congratulations once more

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Get in touch and talk through your plans for your day, contact me and chat through how I approach photographing weddings at these two venues: Highcliffe Castle and Christchurch Harbour Hotel


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